Profile of Vivian Wong

Who is Vivian?

Vivian Siobhan Wong is a creator and aspiring game developer with a Bachelor of Design (BDes.) in Digital Futures at OCAD University. Adept in the art of emerging technology, she has developed projects involving VR, AR, wearable technology, game design, and interactive art.

At heart, she believes that ideas are the most powerful, driving force of change, and seeks to create experiences focused on bringing joy and laughter to the world, that empower, lead, and inspire others to do the same.

Creator. Developer. Artist. Designer.
Passionate about storytelling.

Hello! I am currently looking for positions in the video game industry! I can’t wait to make an impact through the power of games.


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Her Story

After a fateful, yet awkward encounter at an incubator open house, things took a turn in the right direction. Granted an opportunity to volunteer, she thrived on the relentless challenges of the startup life, and has constantly looked for more opportunities to grow ever since. Starting off as a timid and shy student who only dared to dream, she is now on her journey in the pursuit of dreams, self-discovery, and knowledge. 

For two and half years, she worked closely with the founders, contributed to multiple startups, including CertClean (Canada’s leading certification for safer skincare) and PurPicks (World’s largest organic skincare reviews platform), and kept things running smoothly as the Operations Manager.

As one journey closes, another opens. Her next chapter leads her towards the incredible world of game creation – the world where imagination is transformed into reality through the power of code, art, storytelling, and teamwork. She seeks to create incredible experiences that bring joy and laughter to others.

In her free time, you’ll find her practicing Shao Lin Kung Fu forms like a maniac, playing video games with friends, and planning recipes to try out as an amateur cook.

Her Work

Her collaborative VR piece, HOKUSAI was publicly exhibited at Trinity Square Video in Toronto, Canada, and features the evolution of Katsushika Hokusai’s artwork, accompanied with self-composed music. With creations like ENVIROWATCH, and UnBEARable, her work focuses heavily on developing modern strategies for sustainability efforts. She has conducted research on the effects of food bank accessibility on household food waste reduction, and has produced a collaborative installation in Mississauga to encourage wildlife protection and conservation efforts.

When she is not pursuing sustainability-based projects, her work is about wacky self-expression through interactive art and entertainment. A notable piece includes DJ Cook, an interactive virtual cooking experience featuring digital and physical components, in which the user “cooks” to the beat. It explores the idea of futuristic cooking with unexpected elements such as light, music, colour, air, and DJing action; bordering on the absurd and impossible.