Vivian Siobhan Wong

(Viv·ee·uhn Shi·vawn Wong)

Creative Developer & Designer

Hi! I’m a multimedia storyteller and developer focused on turning imagination into reality, with an insane work ethic and thirst for knowledge, seeking to make an impact with games.

Let’s get in touch and create some magic!


What is a Sauga? It’s a story of heroic achievement.

An Augmented Reality interactive installation aimed to inspire a greater appreciation of nature while promoting conservation efforts.

AR & Unity Development | Creative Director | Narrative Design

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

Vision of the Artist

What if you could overcome anything?

An interactive VR experience designed for the Oculus Quest that centers around creative visualization as a tool for self-empowerment. The player embarks on a journey of “time-travelling” self-discovery,  painting their own story to strengthen their vision and overcome their Dream Eaters.

VR & Unity Development | C# | Concept Design | Narrative Design

The Secret Lair of Mimic

“To view the treasures within will cost your life,”
they whispered… but you could not resist.

A spin-off exploration game that tells the story of Mimic, the classic video game trope. Hidden transmutation circles and strange distortion mechanics hint at the origins of the Mimic: sorcery and magic. A dungeon brimming with mystery and danger awaits the player’s arrival.

Unity Development | 3D Modelling | Scene Composition

The Future is Digital:


A collection of physical computing projects that
reimagine what the future will hold.

A scientific take on futuristic wearable technology, visually depicting the storage and retrieval of memory through light patterns, interactive art where you cook with light & music, and environment scanning.

Developer | Concept Design | Processing | JS | Arduino


I’m also a martial artist in training who is obsessed with Kung Fu. 

A 3D animation, depicting the traditional Shao Lin Kung Fu form, Wu Bu Quan (五步拳) as a study of its powerful movement.

3D Modelling | 3D Animation | Autodesk Maya | Premiere Pro